sticky chicken

I don’t really have exact measurements for this yummy, messy, sticky dish.  When it comes to most Asian cooking,  if I were to ask my grandma or my mum for the exact measurement of ingredients in a dish, they will always say, “agak-agak” 🙂 – this means “just estimate” in Malay.

Anyway, here’s what you’ll need…

whole chicken cut in quarters (or just use chicken wings)
dark soya sauce
a dash of sesame seed oil
lots of grated ginger
diced garlic
ground white pepper
fresh chilli paste (optional)
coarse ground black pepper

What to do next…

1. Soak the chicken in a bath of all the ingredients above – make sure you taste it before hand so you have the right balance of taste…sweet & salty…again, use the “agak-agak” theory :). Marinade for about 2 hours or preferably overnight (the longer…the better!)

2. Arrange on a baking tray & roast at 180 degree heat for 25 to 30 mins with all the marinade juices.

3. Remove from oven, let it rest for 10 mins, spoon the caramalised marinade onto the sizzling chicken and serve on a bed of rice with a side of stir fried vegetables.

stir fried veg with garlic & shallots

sticky chicken with a side of vegetables & rice

Sticky finger licking good! 🙂