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I must admit and I am not proud of it but when I am on my own, I tend to get lazy when it comes to cooking for myself and it’s usually during lunch when I find myself snacking on fruits, nuts and even tofu (basically anything convenient I can find). For example yesterday, by 2pm I started “hunting” for food and ended up having a banana, a yellow plum and leftover brown rice!

So when my husband came home from work with a sore stomach last night, I knew he would not be having any dinner. After much deliberation, I ended up making myself a lazy dinner of tuna, roasted peppers & mushroom omelette….well…a broken one!

What you will need…
– 2 eggs
– roasted Italian sweet peppers (I made this yesterday by placing peppers, a whole garlic, mixed herbs & olive oil and roasting till the peppers are soft)
– tuna
– oyster mushrooms

1. In a hot skillet, add the tuna, mushrooms and a little of the oil from the roasted peppers. Sauté till the mushrooms are cooked.
2. Add as much of the home-made roasted peppers as you like, season with cracked black pepper, stir them around and add the beaten eggs.
3. Spread the eggs out evenly and let it cook before flipping over. Mine broke during the flipping process!

Serve this with a side salad.

Before I made this, I said to my husband that I was just going to fry a couple of eggs. When he saw what I had cooked, he laughed and said, “Yeah sure, I’m just going to fry a couple of eggs…that’s a meal right there!”

Broken Omelette…because I am just not great at making perfect ones!

Have a great Thursday! 😊