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Today I decided that I was not going to have a lazy “not really a lunch” lunch as I always do when I am alone. So I made this easy, quick and healthy lunch of Norwegian Smoked Salmon on toast served with a tasty mixed salad.


You will need…
• 100g Norwegian Smoked Salmon
• Fresh mixed salad
• 1 Tomato (quartered then halved)
• Kalamata olives
• White cheese (this is a very soft, light & creamy, very mild cheese used for salads)
• Lemon juice
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Wholemeal bread or any other bread of your choice (toasted)

No method really….in a bowl, combine the mixed salad, olives, tomatoes and the white cheese. Drizzle with a little olive oil, lemon juice and salt & cracked black peper to taste.

After that, the rest is up to you how you serve the salmon on toast!


Lunch for one is served…along with the remaining salad.

Fast food? You can’t get food faster than this one. Enjoy! 😋