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After being out all day yesterday in the glorious weather, the last thing I wanted to do in the evening was cooking a time consuming dinner. So I prepared a super easy spicy noodle stir fry.

I won’t go into details as to how it was made because everyone knows how to make a stir fry. The ingredients I used were the usual base of garlic, ginger, onions and chilli. The other main ingredients were egg noodles, chicken breast (sliced), Italian sweet red pepper & pak choi. No salt, just fish sauce and cracked black pepper to season.

…and because of my love for spice, I served it with a little touch of Sriracha sauce!


Quick, simple and ready in 20 minutes!

Plenty leftovers for a late lunch today so off I go to enjoy the beautiful weather we have today in Bilbao! Dare I say that Spring has finally sprung? I think so! ☀️🌸

Have a happy Sunday! 😊