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A good friend gave me a spice called Za’atar (Zaatar) that she brought over from Kuwait. Za’atar is a mixture of sumac, sesame seed and herbs frequently used in the Middle East and Mediterranean areas. It’s usually used on meats or mixed with olive oil to have with bread.

So, last night I tried it out on some aubergines ~ Za’atar infused roasted aubergines on pitta bread, topped with Greek yoghurt.

What you will need…
• Aubergines (cut into squares)
• Garlic (whole)
• Onion (roughly chopped)
• Cherry Tomatoes (whole)
• Za’atar spice
• salt & pepper to taste
• a good olive oil
• Greek yoghurt
• Cilantro
• Lemon
*I’ve left out the quantity as this can be done according to your own taste*

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius and place the aubergines, onions, garlic and tomatoes on a tray. Sprinkle the za’atar spice, salt & pepper to taste along with a good drizzle of olive oil.
2. Place in the oven and cook for 20 mins or until aubergines are cooked.


3. Once cooked, set aside and warm the pitta bread for 5 mins.

4. Remove pitta bread from the oven, place the aubergines on top of them and return to the oven for another 10 mins.
5. In a bowl, mix some greek yoghurt with salt & pepper, a little lemon juice, za’atar spice and chopped cilantro.
6. Top the aubergines on pitta bread with the greek yoghurt and serve immediately.

I had mine with a simple side of baby romaine salad with tomatoes, black olives and soft white cheese drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice.

This dish was filling, fresh, tasty and most of all, dedicated to my fellow vegetarian bloggers.💗

I also ended up abandoning the cutlery and used my hand instead to devour this dish! Messy, but oh so worth it!

Enjoy! 😊

Note: I think you can purchase Za’atar spice in any middle eastern food store or even online.