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I’ve just got back from a long 7km walk by the beach with my husband and I am absolutely shattered! Good thing dinner is just a case of “netting” the bread to have with the left over chicken curry I made yesterday.

This is one of many traditional Malay dishes you can get in Singapore and Malaysia. Singaporeans call them Roti Kirai…whereas Malaysians call them Roti Jala. Being a Singaporean I somehow find the Malaysian way of naming it makes more sense as “jala” means net.

Ok, lets get to the recipe…this is a family recipe that was passed down to me by my cousin who is an expert in Malay dishes!

• 600gm plain flour
• 2 eggs
• 350ml evaporated milk
• 850ml water
• 1 tsp salt
• Yellow colouring

1. Mix all ingredients in a big bowl, place half of the mixture at a time in a blender to get rid of lumps.

2. You will need to use this to net the bread or you can use a plastic ketchup squeezer.

3. In a skillet, smear butter all around the skillet by using kitchen towels. With the apparatus, start “netting” in circular motion. (Don’t worry if the first one does not turn out right, practice makes perfect 😊)

4. Dab with butter so it doesn’t stick to the skillet and to give it a bit of a shine. Traditionally, the roti jala is cooked with ghee and dabbed with “pandan” leaves (screwpine leaves) for fragrance.

5. Once cooked, flip onto a plate, shiny side down and start netting another.

6. Once you have two together, fold into any shape you want. I usually fold them into triangles.

8. Continue this process and make as many as you wish.

Ta daaa….

This dish is always served with a good Chicken Curry (Malay style), with a side of salad and chilli, and usually on special occasions.



Even though it is very time consuming, this falls into my top favourite foods to have when I am missing home.


I hope you will give it a try!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 😊