I was so honoured and touched to be invited by the lovely Jhuls of The Not So Creative Cook to be a part of her blog tour! If you don’t already know who Jhuls is, do check out her blog, her recipes are always so creative and amazing!

A blog tour, if you have not already heard about it, is when you are invited by a fellow blogger to answer some questions on your blog writing process and in turn you invite 3 other bloggers, asking them the same questions. As Jhuls put it in her email to me, “I guess it’s essentially a chain letter of sorts, but a little bit more sophisticated!”

Thank you Jhuls for thinking of me to join you in this tour!

Here are the questions and my answers:

1. What am I working on?
After we left the UK in 2013, I became a housewife or homemaker as I like to call myself. I was in a very stressful job before moving to Spain and I am extremely grateful for the time I now have to do what I love…to cook, to blog again after my absence from the blogsphere and to finally have people who actually read my blog! I only had 2 followers for 2 years and one of them was my husband!!! Haha! So I guess I am working on being more creative with my cooking ideas and finding more time to try out some fantastic recipes I have stumbled across here.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
When cooking, I tend to cook with whatever I have available in my fridge and pantry or whenever I get a specific request from my husband….which is not very often.
Also, some of the recipes I have on my blog are without measurements as I learnt to cook using the “agak-agak” (that’s estimate in Malay) method. So you will just have to cook from the heart and with great abandon.

3. Why do I write what I do?
I love my food, I love sharing recipes, meet other bloggers with the same interest as I do and just enjoy this experience. I have to say I have “met” some lovely people here who are always so generous with compliments on not just mine but posts by others.

4. How does your writing process work?
Hmm…lets see, whenever I am cooking something worth blogging, I will take a few photos as I go along. This process can get very messy and chaotic at times and there are days I wish I had an extra pair of hands so I can stir, snap photos and do everything all at once. I also make mental notes on what I want to write on the blog, I will then post the recipe the next day (if I am not too occupied) inserting the photos as I write.

Up next…

Tina @ Mademoiselle Gourmande

I only recently got connected with Tina and found that we have a love of the Indian food in Singapore! Tina’s posts and recipes oozes sophistication! Her recent post of French Macarons looks so perfect & delicious I wanted to eat the screen!

Alice @ A Life Moment

I got connected with Alice a few months ago and she is someone who is not only a very talented cook, Alice is also very generous with her positive comments and awards! I always admire her beautiful photography on the delicious food she cooks and I love her various Detox waters!

Sha @ Life To My Fullest

Last but definitely not least is Sha. A fellow Singaporean, her blog is about her travel experiences and the do’s & don’ts of travelling. Her posts are very honest, light hearted and always a joy to read.

Thank you lovely ladies for joining me in this blog tour and I look forward to seeing your answers next week!

Jhuls, what can I say but truly happy to experience this! Thank you again for inviting me! ❀️

Farianti x