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Bubur Pulut Hitam directly translated means Black Sticky Rice Porridge. It’s more or less an Asian version of a rice pudding drizzled with coconut cream. It was my first attempt at making it so I seeked assistance virtually from my mum’s good friend who is a great cook.

• 1 cup Black Glutinous Rice
• 5 cups of water
• Brown sugar (use palm sugar if you have it to hand)
• a little vanilla essence (use screwpine leaves for fragrance if you can)
• Coconut cream

you can get this in any Asian stores

1. Wash the rice thoroughly before placing in a saucepan to boil. Some say you have to soak the rice overnight, but with a good quality rice there is no need for soaking.

2. Cook on a low heat. At this point, add the knotted screwpine leaves if you have them or the vanilla essence. Once the water warms up, it will turn deep purple/maroon.

3. Let this simmer and once you think it’s soft and the water has slightly reduced, increase the heat and gently stir until it thickens.

4. As soon as the consistency changes, add to it sugar according to your own taste. (Most people add the coconut cream at this point too but I was advised to add it just before serving so the rice keeps better should you have any leftovers.)

Top with coconut cream and serve warm…

My husband wanted to try it with chopped mangos and I have to say it worked very well together.


There are so many health benefits to black rice and it has been ranked as a superfood!
See: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_rice

Do give it a try and enjoy all the purple goodness!💜

Note: Don’t make a rookie mistake like I did and use a wooden spoon to cook this as it will stain. My favourite wooden spoon is now purple!😊