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It’s my husband’s birthday today and I had planned on making him my Nutella Filled French Toast for breakfast this morning but there were no strawberries available at my favourite fruit and veg store yesterday. So I made him a savoury Herbed French Toast topped with caramalised red onions instead.

• Eggs
• Bread
• Dried parsley
• Garlic granules
• Red onions (cut into rings)
• Salt & cracked black pepper to taste
• Olive oil & a little butter

1. In a skillet, heat a little olive oil. Sauté the onion rings for about 3 mins and set aside.
2. Beat eggs, a drop of milk, dried parsley, garlic granules, salt & pepper in a bowl.
3. Cut the bread in the size you want, dip into the egg mixture and place in the hot skillet with a little olive oil.
4. Once it’s golden, place on kitchen paper.
5. Top the stacked French Toasts with the caramalised onions.

Birthday breakfast is served…


Happy Birthday to my wonderful, loving husband! FELICIDADES!!!🎈

Have a lovely weekend to all!💞