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Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent my Saturday roller blading at a place called Artxanda where there is a public outdoor skating rink and you can also get a spectacular view of the city!

On Sunday afternoon, my husband requested for Jemput Jemput Pisang, which is a traditional Malay sweet that we usually have for afternoon tea in Singapore. “Jemput” in Malay means invite or invitation and “pisang” means banana so I don’t really know how the name of this donut came about really. Anyway, all you need for these sweet fluffy bites are just 2 ingredients not including the oil for frying.

β€’ 3 ripe bananas (medium sized)
β€’ 1 cup of self raising flour
β€’ sunflower oil for frying

1. In a big bowl, mash the peeled bananas.
2. Add the flour and combine thoroughly. (You can add sugar if you wish but for me, the sweetness of the bananas were just perfect.)
3. Heat some oil in a saucepan. When it’s really hot, turn down the heat and with a spoon, drop the batter into the oil. (It takes seconds to turn golden brown so make sure you flip them over every so often and don’t put too many into the pan at the same time.)
4. Once golden brown on both sides, place on kitchen paper towels.

Dust with powdered sugar, serve hot…


Perfect sweet snack for a cold Sunday afternoon!

Here are a couple of black & white shots of Bilbao that I took from the skating rink in Artxanda.



Have a great Monday!πŸ’•