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Yesterday was a busy day of running errands and nursing a sick husband. It was a gloriously beautiful day after the rain and snow we’ve been getting here. So, after I prepared Chicken Porridge for my husband, I decided to have a bright coloured late lunch to go with the sunny day.


• Ciabatta
• Red & Yellow Baby Plum Tomatoes (sliced in half)
• Rocket salad
• Mixed Italian herbs
• Dried Parsley
• Garlic granules
• Basil pesto
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Salt & cracked black peppercorns

1. In a hot skillet, add a tablespoon of the olive oil.
2. Throw in the baby plum tomatoes along with the dried herbs, garlic granules & seasoning. Sauté for just under a minute and set aside on a plate.
3. Take the Ciabatta bread, slice in half and place in the skillet to char on both sides and soak up the now flavoured olive oil. Once charred, take it off the heat & smear your pesto on.
4. Top the warm Ciabatta with a handful of rocket and the soft warm tomatoes and serve.


A simple, bright lunch that’s quick and filling! It’s also perfect for gatherings where instead of charring the bread, just place them in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil and the dried herbs.

Happy mid-week!💛

*Here are a couple of shots I took from my neighbourhood from when it snowed last week and the glorious day we had yesterday.