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Last Thursday I was already busy in the kitchen at 8am whipping up a packed lunch for my husband as there were no leftovers from the previous night’s dinner for him to take to work like he usually does. 

So I made this super simple pasta dish that took 10 mins to prepare.


• 4 to 5 Baby plum tomatoes (cut into halves) 
• 1 to 2 cloves of garlic (sliced width wise)
• Half tsp chilli flakes 
• 1 tsp dried parsley
• Spaghettini pasta, enough for 2 people (takes 3 mins to cook)
• sea salt & cracked black pepper 
• Lots of extra virgin olive oil 


1. In a skillet, add the olive oil & garlic. Let it simmer on a low heat so the oil is infused with the flavour.
2. Add your chilli flakes & dried parsley. 
3. Turn the heat up a little and sauté the halved baby plum tomatoes.

4. Once slightly soft, toss in the cooked pasta and coat with the flavours. 

Add more chilli flakes & dried parsley if you desire! 

I’m also so happy to say that 2 people decided to make this dish that same day after seeing my posts on My Simple Delights’ Facebook & Instagram page! 

Happy cooking!💛