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Ok, so as per my previous posts, I don’t usually cook on Saturdays. We had lunch out yesterday and when it was time for dinner, which is usually around 9.30pm or sometimes even 10pm here in Spain, my husband decided that he would hijack the kitchen and “prepare” something. Well, I marinaded the chicken and left the rest up to him. 😊

Seeing as we were both not that hungry, this was what we had…

What you will need…
– 1 chicken breast (sliced width wise)
– Dried oregano, parsley & garlic mix
– Olive oil
– salt & cracked black pepper
– 1 avocado (mashed)

1. In bowl, combine the chicken, herbs, salt & pepper and a tablespoon of olive oil.
2. Leave to marinade for 15 mins.
3. In a hot skillet, place the chicken and fry till they are golden brown.
4. Toast 4 slices of wholemeal cereal bread and spread the mashed avocado and add the golden brown chicken.
Serve immediately.

A perfect light dinner especially after a late lunch.

What would we do without avocados? I love them! Don’t you? 😋