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Yes…you heard me correctly, Sweet Potato Doughnuts! This is a traditional Malay dessert/tea time snack from Singapore and Malaysia…we call it Kuih Keria. I remember as a child my aunt would make these and we would have them for our afternoon tea.

I had 1 lovely sweet potato left from before so I decided to try out for the first time to make these sweet golden rings of sweetness using only the natural flavours of the sweet potato. No added sugar except a little for dusting.😊


β€’ 1 Sweet potato (mine was 400gms)
β€’ Self raising flour
β€’ Sunflower oil for frying

1. The potatoes are usually steamed but it could make it very watery so I just roughly chopped them and placed them in the microwave for 9 mins on high before mashing them. Add a few drops water if you find it’s too dry.
2. In a bowl, combine the mashed potato with the self raising flour. Not too much or it will make the doughnuts quite hard. I used approx. 90gms, just to be able to bind the mixture together.
3. Roll into balls, flatten slightly and with your pinky, pierce a hole in the centre of the dough to shape like a doughnut. Place on a floured surface.

4. Heat oil in a skillet and slow fry them on a medium high heat. Flip over once golden brown.

5. Set aside to cool slightly.


Dust with icing/dusting sugar and serve warm-ish…


Just like a normal doughnut but healthier…apart from the frying of course…


It’s usually drenched in a thick sugar water before serving but I am not a fan of super sweet sweets and in this case, I wanted to keep the natural flavours of the sweet potato.

My measurement made 6 small-ish doughnuts and that was sufficient for us as a treat!

What was your favourite childhood tea time sweet?

Happy cooking!πŸ’ž